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Hazen Knives

Hazen Knives

1976, Mark Hazen started his career as a custom knife maker.  At that time,  he could not afford to purchase a custom knife, so he decided to make his own.   That's when it all began.  Initially, Mark made knives for his friends and eventually, his creative talent was sought after by customers throughout the world.  In 2007, Mark Hazen retired, and in 2013 he came out of retirement by making a knife in honor of his fallen friend, MSG Robert Horrigan, a Special Forces Operator stationed at Fort Bragg, NC.  In 2014, Mark Hazen partnered with Heather Sheppard and together they formed Hazen Knives, LLC. Hazen KnivesOn the left is a picture showing the intricate step process used to hand make the "Donlon", the first knife in the "Legion of Honor" series commemorating the first Medal of Honor recipient during the Viet Nam campaign.

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